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There are many different types of tile to use in flooring and other interior design. The most commonly used are ceramic, porcelain and glass. Other types are stone, metal and quarry. The right choice for your needs depends on the design, location, environment it will be placed in and the budget for the job. Tile is often used for floors, countertops, walls and for decorative pieces, such as backsplashes, fireplaces and designs on walls and in showers/tubs, etc.

To have a ceramic tile or natural stone floor that lasts a lifetime, the right kind of  mortar needs to be applied to the backing just so, and the grouting needs to be smooth and evenly applied. A rushed installation job with the wrong kind of mortar or grout, or an improper application of either, can lead to disastrous results. Ceramic and porcelain tile themselves are waterproof, but if the grout around them isn’t applied properly, moisture can sink into the subfloor below and lead to all sorts of problems.


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