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DeSitter Commercial Flooring provides a complete selection of premium flooring products from all the major brands in the industry. As an independent dealer, we will provide the correct product for your facility, regardless of the manufacturer.

From meeting rooms, to food service areas, to airports, public venues, condominiums and apartments all present a number of flooring challenges. These projects require the resources of a large, successful company to effectively manage a flooring option and installation. Public venues may also require different types of flooring for specific areas, the flooring must be extremely tough—able to withstand constant foot traffic with minimal maintenance.

Dependability—Our durable flooring options perform when it comes to appearance retention. DeSitter’s maintenance procedures and extensive warranties further extend the life of your flooring investment.

Attention to Detail—When it comes to installation and project management, we’re behind you all the way, no matter how large the project. DeSitter provides seamless support throughout the installation and project management process.

Personalized Service—From customer service to your local sales representative, DeSitter offers resources to provide solid accountability for your next installation.

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