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High performance flooring designed to enhance productivity, interaction and engagement in corporate environments, plays a fundamental role in the way people interact within a space. From navigation and way-finding to collaboration and work-styles, flooring patterns, colors, and styles can influence atmospheres, create moods and set the tone. Through innovative, performance-based design, DeSitter has the carpet and resilient flooring designed to enhance the quality of work environments, including office spaces, meeting spaces, hospitality areas, and studio and collaborative spaces.

Understanding the end-user’s relationship with an environment – and the floor – makes it easier to choose the right product for the right space. Color, pattern, style and construction can all impact concentration, comfort and the ability to perform tasks – not to mention influence an individual’s overall ease and experience within a workspace.

Workspaces are becoming multi-functional – pushing interior design to accommodate flexible work styles and methods of engagement, while promoting productivity. Creating unique destinations and spaces within a larger work environment demands a variety of color options and products that can work together. DeSitter provides the right products for the right work with a wide range of commercial flooring product types across various product categories.


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