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DeSitter Commercial Flooring provides a complete selection of premium flooring products from all the major brands in the industry. As an independent dealer, we will provide the correct product for your facility, regardless of the manufacturer.

Every retail experience is personal. Each retail flooring solutions are made to enhance the brand aesthetic – and hold up to heavy demand.

Every element of a retail space contributes to a customer’s total brand experience. From showroom to dressing room, the right floor is the basis of that experience. The colors, patterns and styles available at DeSitter can be used to create atmosphere and mood, manage sound and facilitate personal interaction – all while delivering the performance, durability and appearance-retention vital in high traffic retail settings.

Retail flooring has to deliver comfort underfoot – and it has to perform. It also needs to be easy to maintain, retaining appearance and resisting stains and signs of wear even under some of the heaviest demand conditions around. A smart cleaning plan is essential to maintaining the retail brand aesthetic and supporting an inviting shopping environment. DeSitter’s cleaning and maintenance resources can help you develop appropriate flooring maintenance schedules and practices to ensure your spaces stay beautiful.



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